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Best gifts for girlfriend who likes to travel.

Best Gifts Ideas for a Girlfriend Who Travels

So, your girlfriend loves to travel and you’re looking for the perfect gift to give a traveler.

Travel is one of the most highly-sought after leisurely activities, so it’s no surprise that she’s part of the bandwagon!

Here we’ll cover some thoughtful, cute, and unique presents which you can give her for her birthday, anniversary, or just because.

All of them are perfect for the girl who likes to travel the world!

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12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 112 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 2

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1. Worldwide Travel Adapter

All travel kits need a global travel adapter to be complete. Besides, where would she be without the ability to charge her phone and upload her vacation pics?

That’s why you need a travel adapter. Different countries use different electrical outlets. Some use 120V, others use 220V.

Some need step-up, others need step-down. It can get confusing, but at least with this all-in-one travel adapter, you’re covered for more than 150 countries!

The most popular travel destinations are all covered, including the UK, EU, AU, and US for worldwide traveling.

You can choose from various amounts of USB plugs and regular electrical plugs for everyday electronics like phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

This travel adapter is equipped with smart fast charging that powers up to 6 devices at the same time with 880W max power at 110V AC and 1840W at 230V AC.

Compatible with multiple devices and safety certified with an 8A overlad dual fuse, safety shutters, plug lock system, and CE/FC/ROHS certified. This doesn’t convert electrical output, current, and voltage, but rather allows you to fit your device to a variety of adapters. You’ll still need to use the proper step-up and step-down converters for voltage conversion.

The multifunctional travel plug is silent, safe, and works with portable non-grounded devices in over 150 countries. This is the start to keeping your GF’s devices powered!

What makes it a great gift:

  • Works in over 150 countries
  • Built-in safety features
  • USB, smart chip, and silent charging
  • A travel necessity

12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 312 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 4

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2. Pickpocket-Proof Traveler Bag

When traveling to a foreign country, pickpocketing and theft are common, especially in third-world countries or places where locals will take advantage of tourists. This is common in poor countries where they’ll use foreigners.

Being secure and keeping all your personal documents safe is top priority so you can back out of the country!

This anti-theft cross-body bag features locking straps and compartments complete with a cut-resistant shoulder strap, RFID blocking for scanning theft, and slash-resistant mesh body panels. These security features work together to make sure no one can scan, steal, or cut this travel bag from her body when she’s traveling.

The locking compartment comes with organizational areas to keep documents secure and can’t be scanned via RFID. The shoulder strap and main mesh body are slash-resistant. The shoulder strap attaches to a chair or secure post.

Comes with plenty of pockets and a a zip rear pocket with a removable LED light for finding documents in the dark. This way, all her belongings are secured.

Also comes with two easy access expansion pockets for water bottles, umbrellas, and other less valuable quick-access supplies so no need to fumble while people are waiting in line!

What makes it a great gift:

  • Locking straps and compartments for security
  • Protect her valuables (passport, license, personal documents, etc.)
  • An overlooked necessity
  • Cut-resistant and durable design
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 512 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 6

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3. World Traveler Scratch-Off Map

A scratch-off map for your GF to mark all the places she’s been to with you.

This large-scale map comes with a world map and a USA map that lets her mark off the gold foil of each country and state she’s visited. Whether she travels the entire world or just the USA, the maps let her mark of her locations accordingly.

Each map is made of premium quality scratch off material and special coating protection to prevent any accidental scratches during transit.

There’s also a guitar pink scratcher, stickers, and a flexible sturdy material that holds the map in one piece. It can be flattened easily so that when you unroll the map, it doesn’t want to fold up again.

The maps are high quality with color-coded flags and locations. Features all major countries, oceans, and capitals of US states.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Lets her mark off places she’s been
  • A must-have necessity for any traveler
  • Features both world and USA maps
  • High-quality materials and plenty of free goodies
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 712 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 8

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4. Premium Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Toiletries are a necessity for any travel trip. This hygienic toiletry bag allows your girlfriend to hang her shower, bathroom, and toiletries with ease. She can store her cosmetics, makeup, brushes, and other feminine products for travel while keeping them organized and clean.

The bag hangs on any hook to allow easy access to toiletry essentials. Comes in a variety of colors to suit any personality. This bag has metal zippers which glide easily even when the bag is full. No chemical smell guaranteed.

This design is sleek, compact, and holds a ton of space for multifunctional usage. It folds out on top and the sides for maximum storage. Also comes with a hook on the top flap to hang on the back of a door or shower hanger.

Keep organized with 16 vertical leakproof pockets, 2 large zippered pockets, and a tall mesh section. Maximizes storage space with no mess and no stress.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Organize everything necessary for travel with a sturdy metal hook
  • Metal zippers with quality fabrics
  • Keep all toiletries organized in a small compact size
  • Measures just 8.5 x 4.7 x 10 and is TSA approved
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 912 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 10

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5. Contoured Sleep Mask

A sleep mask that’s been uniquely sewed for a 3D contoured cup. We all know how hard it can be to sleep on long plane rides or unfamiliar hotel rooms. This sleep mask features comfortable materials with ear plugs and concave-molded shapes for a good night’s sleep.

Unlike traditional sleep masks, the gimmick behind this is that it blocks out all light with an ergonomic design with no uncomfortable weight against the eyes. Built with memory foam and a nose contour for a fitting design.

No more dealing with cheapo sleep masks that are ineffective and uncomfortable. This is like sleep masks 2.0.

What makes it a great gift:

  • 100% light blockage
  • Contour design for eyes and nose
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality materials
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 1112 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 12

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6. Foldable Backpack

We all know backpacks are a necessity for traveling. Your girlfriend who likes to travel will appreciate this foldable, collapsible backpack. It folds up into a palm-sized bag with its own wrapper and harness.

After it’s expanded, it’s a full-size 30D nylon backpack with water and tear-resistant materials. Fine stitching and adjustable shoulder straps for breathable and durable comfort that never breaks.

It only weights 4.2 ounces empty with an 18L capacity. The main pocket can carry what you need with inner and outer zippered pockets for quick access to your water, valuables, or passports.

Water resistant design offers security so your stuff doesn’t get soaked and the durable nylon will ensure that you can be rough on the safari without worry about tears and rips in your backpack.

Comfortable for all day use and folds up into a tiny compact hand-carry when unused. Perfect for saving space.

What makes it a great gift:

  • 18L capacity
  • Folds into a tiny, compact hand-carry
  • Durable materials
  • Water-resistant
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 1312 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 14

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7. Lifestraw Water Filter

Water is a necessity no matter where you travel to. And the Lifestraw personal water filter lets her drink from nearly any water source by turning unsafe water into potable drinking water.

If you’re traveling to the swamps, rivers, or streams, it doesn’t matter. The straw removes up to 99.99% of contaminated water without using chlorine or other chemicals. It also doesn’t require batteries and and supasses EPA filter standards. No need to worry about TSA checks as it doesn’t have any electronic or dangerous moving parts.

Each straw filters up to 1,000 liters of water. This is super useful for shady water sources, even if you’re not camping outdoors. Some third-world countries have unsafe water sources and this will filter out dirty water from hotel sinks, bathrooms, and even ice machines.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Filters up to 1000 liters of water
  • TSA approved and compact size
  • Provides safe drinking water from most water sources
  • Surpasses EPA standards for drinking water
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 1512 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 16

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8. Foldable Travel Pillow

The standard travel pillow? Move over and step up your game.

This foldable, twistable, and bendable travel pillow is perfect for the neck, chin, face, leg, and body. It allows the user to adjust it and twist the pillow to a variety of different shapes for airplane, bus, train, car, and other travel mediums. Now she can be comfortable no matter how she’s traveling!

This pillow provides custom support as it contours to nearly any shape and position. Super easy to clean and breathable materials for easy care and superior comfort.

Also easy to carry for portability with a handy strap that can be attached to luggage or backpacks.

This is how you step up your game from the boring travel pillow and upgrade!

What makes it a great gift:

  • Foldable to any position for custom support
  • Machine-washable and comfortable materials
  • Easy to carry
  • More than just a travel pillow
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 1712 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 18

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9. Travel Space Saver Bags

These are the space saver bags from space.

This complete set comes with 4 large and 4 medium vacuum storage bags that lets you fold clothes, towels, and blankets into compact squares for easy travel.

And yes, they’re vacuum sealed. Without a vacuum sealer.

For the layman, they’re actually called “compression” bags. They protect clothes from moths, bugs, and odor by pushing out moisture and oxygen. No pump or vacuum is needed.

Simply zipping up the bag and rolling it will push all the air out and prevents it from coming back in.

Perfect for all your valuable fabrics, storage, travel, and more. You could even use them as a zombie kit.

What makes it a great gift:

  • 4 large (28″ x 20″) and 4 medium (14″ x 16″) compression bags
  • No vacuum sealer needed
  • Protects clothes, blankets, and towels from odor and bugs
  • Saves space
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 1912 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 20

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10. Travel Socks

So if your girlfriend travels, she should have the socks to match where she’s traveling to, right?

Choose from over 18 different popular tourist locations and get her in the right spirit for her destination. Made with machine-washable pull-on closure fabric for comfortable all-day wear.

These colorful and cute socks will complete the picture. Buy multiple pairs for multiple destinations! Made with advanced knitting methods for premium quality socks. These are detailed fabrics made for the GF who already has everything.

These are the one present she’ll never expect.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Pull-on closure
  • Popular tourist destinations covered
  • Colorful and comfortable
  • An unexpected surprise
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 2112 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 22

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11. Infinity Scarf with Secret Compartments

This stylish scarf has a hidden trick up its sleeve. The 100% polyester material houses a secret zipper pocket for storing keys, phones, documents, and even cash.

No one will suspect that a mere scarf is actually a storage unit for her most valuable things. Even if she’s not hiding her stuff, this scarf can still be a handy storage unit for holding things so she doesn’t have to carry them.

A pretty unique gift idea, huh?

Machine-washable for easy cleaning with a zipper to secure her goods. The zipper is white, but can be hidden by turning it against the skin.

This pocket scarf allows her to leave her stuff around her neck without having to carry anything. It keeps her stylish and hands-free.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Unexpected hidden compartment for storing valuables
  • Polyester
  • Multifunctional scarf
  • Machine-washable
12 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 2312 Best Gifts for Girlfriend Who Likes to Travel (Awesome!) - 2020 24

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12. Luggage Coffee Cup Holder

As random as you can get, this coffee cup holder for your luggage holds your hot or cold drinks.

You can also put your phone, license, passport, or whatever other drinks you want while rolling your luggage.

A convenient slip on piece holds your drinks so you can hold your kids. Easy to use and durable with premium oxford cloth. This thing is like beyond lazy, but in a good way. People will stare. For sure.

This coffee cup holder is a pretty nifty gadget that will have eyes rolling and heads turning. Who’d ever think convenience could be so ridiculous?

What makes it a great gift:

  • Holds up to two hot or cold drinks
  • Multiple colors
  • 3 pockets available per holder
  • Super nifty

How to choose a gift for the GF who travels

For world travelers, you’ll want to choose something that function (useful) and shows that you care at the same time. These gifts are personal, yet useful so they don’t end up sitting in the corner never being used. Think about the previous struggles your GF had during your previous vacation. And think of things you can buy that can fix these problems.

Things to consider when deciding:

  • Did she struggle with her valuables?
  • Did she have trouble retrieving her personal items?
  • Does she hate long plane or car rides?
  • Was she comfortable during the travel?

You’ll have to consider what exactly you can do to benefit her using a present. There are some girls that really like specific personal gifts, even if they’re relatively useless. And there are some that prefer function over personalization. It’s up to you to determine what kind of girlfriend you have and get a suitable gift! This gift list should help.

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Fun fact

Travel and tourism has jumped up by 6% in 2018 compared to 2017- a total of 93M Americans.

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