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A List of Companies Flirting with Ripple’s xRapid to Power Payment Systems

A List of Companies Flirting with Ripple’s xRapid to Power Payment Systems

Ripple has a credible list of customers using its payment network RippleNet. Currently, it holds big name companies like Mizuho Financial Group, Credit Agricole, and even Bank of America and Santander. It sits at about 120 companies so far.

Companies are also using XRP as part of their payment and business model. But not all are utilizing Ripple’s xRapid- their real-time settlement platform that uses their token to give on-demand liquidity and equity. Thankfully, there a few big companies using it and that list is growing. To see how many businesses are using the network, we’ll have to wait a few months.

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, says that he thinks dozens of banks will eventually switch to XRP’s xRapid in 2019.

These companies are testing xRapid integration:

• MoneyGram

• Currencies Direct

• Mercury FX

• Western Union


• Cambridge Global Payments

• Viamericas

And these are actually using it:

• SBI Virtual Currencies

• Cuallix

• Zip Remit


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