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Aion-Kilimanjaro Project Seeks to Connect Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Tron, and more

Aion-Kilimanjaro Project Seeks to Connect Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Tron, and more

Aion just released a new blockchain network on Wednesday, the 27th.

It’s the main framework of the Aion-Kilimanjaro network that allows for multiple blockchains to collaborate together and share information as well as process data streams. It’s built on pure blockchain technology and functions as the “TCP/IP” protocol of the blockchain network. It acts as a central relay hub between multiple blockchains and allows companies and developers to build their bridges to other blockchains.

building blockchains together and connecting them may help scale applications and grow enterprise solutions. At the moment, blockchains are not connected with over a thousand projects that all share digital ledger technology but don’t communicate with one another.

Aion’s networks aims to solve that by connecting Bitcoin, Etherium, EOS, NEO, and Cardano. They go beyond first-gen blockchains made for P2P transactions. It’s a third-generation network made to process complex functions like smart contracts and such. It’s the webbing that combines all popular blockchains into a single network.

Using their own protocols, the different cryptos like Cardano, Ethereum, NEO, EOS, NEM, Bitcoin and Tron can all operate together and do their thing. Aion is nearly the translator to let them talk to one another.

Tokens can’t be transferred yet. We’ll update this post when word comes around.

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