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Alibaba Tops Chart of Businesses Investing in Blockchain Technology

Alibaba Tops Chart of Businesses Investing in Blockchain Technology

While naysayers like Warren Buffet bash on crypto, other companies believe it has a future.

Talking down on crypto and blockchain tech makes it seem like a fad that has no future, but when you see monsters like Microsoft, Alphabet, Porsche, JPMorgan Chase, and even Alibaba investing in the technology- it says something else.

IPRdaily listed the top 100 companies with blockchain patents published in 2017 and found that the majority were in China with 23 in the US. The top of the list is Alibaba with a total of 44 patients. Bank of America is second, with 33 new patents. Mastercard takes sixth place and Accenture at twelfth place. Other giants like Sony, IBM, Intel and even NASDAQ Inc. are also on the list as well.


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