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Austrians Can Now Buy Crypto: BTC, ETH, MIOTA, LTC, XRP, DASH, BCH, KMD

Austrians Can Now Buy Crypto: BTC, ETH, MIOTA, LTC, XRP, DASH, BCH, KMD

Austrians now can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Komodo, and Bitcoin Cash. Over 400 post office branches over Austria allow citizens to simply walk in and buy crypto. Post office partners are also selling cryptocurrencies through a new platform called Bitpanda, which is based in Vienna. It’s currently one of Europe’s leading retail platforms for investing in crytpo.

Bitpanda’s Bitpanda To Go allows Austrians to simply punch in a postal code to find the nearest branch in order to make the purchase. It currently has over 240 locations in Vienna and 176 locations in Linz. Buyers can purchase cryptocurrency in “prepaid” vouchers that run in 50, 100, and 500 EUR of their selected crytpo. This will bring new cash into the exchange with another country’s entry.

Customers only need to use their email address to buy their coins with local currency at any post office branch. It’s then sent to their integrated wallet. Their governmental post is trying to find new ways to offer financial services to remain relevant without becoming obsolete due to the rise of crypto- and to make profits. By offering an easy way for citizens to purchase cryptocurrency, they’ll become a dominant player in the field for beginners to easily buy their favorite coin.

This will obviously also increase exposure to crypto itself, given that it’s now a mainstream option.

They’ve built a strategic network of locations to create a nice competitive operating to expand into other verticals besides mail. It’s trying to provide modern products to customers. Offering what many customers are interested could create new profits for the post. Citizens get their coins, post office stays relevant, and crypto gets new investors. Everyone’s happy.

Image via Bitpanda.

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