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Entrepreneur GF presents.

Best Gift Ideas for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend

So, your GF likes to stay productive and get stuff done. She’s out there piloting her own business and making things happen. Entrepreneurs often have little time and anything that can make them more productive is ideal.

This list of gift ideas are hand-picked directly for entrepreneurs. So if your girlfriend happens to be one, she should appreciate any of these.

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Last updated: 1/21/20.

6 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 1

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1. Analog Visual Productivity Timer

A pretty obvious idea, but at the same time how many entrepreneurs are limited to using virtual stopwatches and timers?

When you have the actual, physical timer in front of you, it changes your work habits. Some studies have shown that people work more productively with a timer visible to them. If your GF is using time management skills, like the Pomodoro technique or the 80/20 rule, then having a physical timer may help boost her productivity.

This timer is simple and does the trick. It goes up to 60 minutes with no loud ticking. It’s a silent clock for those who hate the ticking sounds from other countdown timers.

This can be used for time management, productivity, and even cooking prep. Perfect for sensitive or quiet environments like the office or work. Durable and easy to use.

If she’s currently using a virtual timer on her computer or phone, have her try a physical timer.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Useful for productivity masters
  • Can be used for multiple occasions
  • No loud ticking sounds
  • Simple and easy to use with no batteries required
6 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 26 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 3

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2. Adjustable Standing Desk

Standing desks have quickly become a mainstream adaptation among entrepreneurs everywhere.

The benefits of using a standing desk have been getting more exposure and people are converting their regular sit-down desks to standing using conversion kits.

The problem with these kits is that they don’t always fit correctly, the adjustment height can be hit-or-miss, and they don’t match the desk.

Starting at the foundation with a “real” standing desk is the way to go. And to make it even better, get an adjustable one so she can change the height of it as needed.

This standing desk by VIVO offers full adjustment up to 17″ using a pneumatic lift lever, which means very little strain or effort. It also has an adjustable keyboard tray that tilts for the user since a level keyboard isn’t always perfect.

There’s enough room for two monitors, a full-size mousepad, and a full-size keyboard (25″ x 10.5″ keyboard).

There are many standing desks on the market, but this one seems to be backed by plenty of positive reviews and offers minimal assembly required.

The 33 LB lift assist raises even the heaviest of displays using dual gas spring pneumatic drivers. Available in two desktop sizes and colors.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Proven benefits of standing up while at the computer
  • Adjustable height with pneumatic drivers for easy adjustment
  • Tiltable keyboard tray
  • Better than a converted desk- just get the “real” thing
6 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 4

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3. Leather-Wrapped Stainless Steel Business Card Holder

Every business owners has to have a business card holder. Well, at least the ones that want publicity and leads do.

This one is a simple, yet luxury PU leather card holder that does the trick. What’s striking about this card holder is the design of the leather. It has a cutout at the corner for easy access to the cards, so she won’t be fumbling with them in the middle of a potential lead. Card holders are a dime a dozen and there are many different styles to choose from.

But how many have a leather-wrapped exterior like this one? Just the fact alone makes her right away different from the other contacts she networks with.

The leather is a nice touch to an otherwise boring product that’s mundane. If she needs some change in her business presentation, consider a new business card holder with some design.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Leather exterior adds an instant unique finish
  • Stainless steel for durability to protect the contents
  • Fits into the pocket, purse, bag, wallet, and briefcase
  • Professional with a sense of style

6 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 56 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 6

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4. “Goal Digger” Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are boring. Get her something that’s fun and fits her entrepreneur lifestyle. She’s a “goal digger,” right?

This mug easily will put a smile on her face when she takes a sip of her morning power drink from it daily. It just may also keep her focused on her tasks as she has that “oomph” from her boyfriend to keep her going throughout the day.

This mug combines humor with a sense of direction, rather than just a plain ol’ mug. Made for the GF with some ambition who’s hungry for success and has a dream to chase. And you’ll be there to support her with this cheeky coffee mug.

Custom designed with flawless glaze ceramic and securely packed in the USA.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Original design and a creative spin on a usually boring product
  • 11 ounces to hold coffee, tea, or any other drink
  • Designed and made in Hatboro, PA
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean for anyone

6 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 76 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 8

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5. Think and Grow Rich

This is one of the most legendary “self help” books of all time. I’m not sure if that’s the appropriate genre for this book, but the reviews speak for themselves. Every entrepreneur should read this- it’s almost a rite of passage.

The book was written by Napoleon Hill, who interviews many different moguls and reveals their secrets to success.

The book has no “hype” or anything like that, it’s written in a way that slowly reveals the same idea and philosophies over and over. There’s no secret formula actually. It’s more like the proper way to “think” in order to “grow rich.”

Just look at the reviews and see for yourself. This is highly regarded as one of the best books for entrepreneurs of all time.

Personally I’ve read the book at least twice. Any business owners, startup, or entrepreneur should read this book as it outlines the foundation for proper growth.

There are no gimmicks here. This is providing the path for a solid direction for people aspiring to be the best.

What makes it a great gift:

  • One of the best entrepreneur books of all time
  • Legendary interviews with some of the most successful people in history
  • No gimmicks or “secret formulas”
  • Life-changing by many
6 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 96 Best Gifts for an Entrepreneur Girlfriend (2020) 10

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6. MUSE: The Brain Sensing Headband

Every entrepreneur needs to relax after a long day at the computer. Many of them take to meditation as their escape to wind down after a stressful day.

This headband by MUSE promises to be an assistance that helps you meditate more effectively. It’s basically an EEG real-time neurofeedback headband that sends you feedback about your recent meditation session. MUSE teachers you how to calm your mind and helps you achieve the most out of each session by providing you areas where you can improve.

You can launch MUSE and the paired app, plug in some headphones, and then use environmental ambient sounds to whisk yourself away into the rainforest or beach. The headband then collects data about your brainwaves and creates a report.

After each session, you can review your data to see how to improve your meditation sessions This is perfect for the GF is she meditates because many have trouble with meditation and wonder if they’re “doing it right.”

MUSE attempts to make it easier with the reports and real-time feedback. Compatible with Android and Apple via Bluetooth. This is one that any techny girlfriend will appreciate.

What makes it a great gift:

  • One of the only real-time feedback EEG headbands
  • Helps her get the most out of her meditation sessions
  • Provides detailed reports on each session
  • Works with all modern phones (Android or iOS)

How to choose a gift for an entrepreneur girlfriend

Entrepreneurs often want to focus on laser-sharp productivity, so any gift that helps enhance productivity or lets her get more done should be advisable. Since everyone’s work habits are different, there’s no surefire present that’s bound to please all.

You’ll have to think about:

  • What does she waste a lot of time doing?
  • What could be improved in her daily routine?
  • What does she complain about?
  • Are there any apps she wishes existed?
  • Does she have any pain points as she goes about her day?

Listen to her complaints and see if there a product that can remedy or reduce it. This should be ideal as it’ll save her headache and the trouble of dealing with whatever the problem is. Try to find a product that’s made just for that purpose and only does that. Avoid products that attempt to do everything at once.

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Fun fact

Half of all female entrepreneurs who made Forbes’ “Richest” list live in California.

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