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Billionaire Bitcoin Bashers: Then and Now

Billionaire Bitcoin Bashers: Then and Now

A new video shows off the public remarks made by some billionaire moguls on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in the world of tech and finance. Bitcoin bashing is a very nice way for old money to rant and release their thoughts about this new age of digital currency. Since BTC leads the pack, Bitcoin has faced a lot of heat and accusations from various high-figure people.

Warren Buffet is one of them. And his counterpart at Berkshire Hataway, Charlie Munger. They’ve said that BTC is just a mirage, scam, and even a “scumball activity” in of itself. Trading it is like “trading a freshly harvested baby brains” for whatever that’s supposed to mean. Buffet has already made a decision not to invest back in 2013 when it was only $130 a coin. He says that BTC HODLers will get upset if you criticize BTC more than their own wives.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, also said that blockchain technology is impressive, but he’d short it if there was a way to do so easily. He’s admitted he didn’t see the adoption coming, but maintains that BTC is just speculation and sees no possibility for real-world usage.

In this new video that spans about 10 minutes, the billionaires are clear that they believe BTC is nothing but speculation and ignore the tech, the blockchain, adoption, and the goal of building better improved financial systems or fat alternative to other currencies that are collapsing.

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