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Bitcoin Is Getting Its Own Documentary on Binge

Bitcoin just got a confirmed movie by Slate Entertainment Group.

It’ll air on their new platform Binge which has acquired the rights to the documentary Beyond Bitcoin for a seven-figure amount at Cannes. Director Jake Witzenfeld will be the man in charge for this film about the future of cryptocurrencies. James Corden’s Fulwell 73 and Conch Studios will be producing it.

The film tells the stories of three different figures in the crypto market. Bitcoin Cash by Roger Ver, crypto financier Ryan Radloff, and blockchain expert Perianne Boring. Each of them will talk about the power of a decentralized currency and its ability to change the world.

It’ll also talk about the altcoins Lisk, Dash, and others as well as cover the ICO and regulators. And it’ll cover the divorce between Bitcoin Cash and BTC.

This purchase shows the need for information as filmmakers bring Bitcoin and crypto into their business model. Independent directors are bound to make deals with middlemen who will help them with foreign sales and digital distribution for the limited release. Platforms like Tron may cut them out. Smart contracts can change how films are bought and sold in a fair way.

Witzenfield says:

“We are going beyond the Bitcoin price hype. This is a global portrait of an emerging future in all its complexity told through the lives of three diverse and deeply passionate pioneering dreamers,”

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