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Blocks.io Launches – Fastest Block Explorer for EOS

Blocks.io Launches – Fastest Block Explorer for EOS

Bloks.io is supposedly the fastest block explorer in existence for EOS. It just launched yesterday. It’s an online web tool launched by a partnership effort between HKEOS and EOS Calgary.

It’s a complete tool that allows people to view a list of information that details blocks, transactions, accounts, and producers on the EOS blockchain. It puts everything into a scope perspective that will impact the internet’s opinion about EOS and businesses, governments, payments, and even society.

The tool was created by EOS Cafe Calgary, which was founded by Troi Bryan- an early adopter of Bitshares, Steem, and e-gold which was a Bitcoin predecessor. He wanted to support the development on the EOS blockchain and build a network that combines the power of people around the world into one collective effort by building DApps.

“Our goal was to create the fastest and most reliable block explorer for the community as a way to engage with others and keep them informed about the EOS network” – Syed Jafri, Head of Development, EOS Cafe Calgary

EOS Cafe is a decentralized autonomous corporation with people all over the world. It’s also a leading block producer on the EOS network operating under the name “eoscafeblock.”

They’ve also developed a few tools such as a paper wallet, fallback registration, and even offline key validation. They’re currently working with a decentralized application powered by EOS.IO called KARMA that’s built to help people do good things in the world and get their share for doing it.

Users can currently view an account page that includes everything from balances of all airdrops to drilling down actions based on RAM, account, producer, to complete token transfers on Bloks.io.

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