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Brave Browser Files Complaint Against Google

Brave Browser Files Complaint Against Google

A new browser called the Brave browser developed by Mozilla has filed privacy complaints in Ireland and Britain against the giant Google. This was reported by Reuters.

Brave is an open-source blockchain-powered browser that blocks ads automatically and web trackers. It’s built for policy and less personal data sharing with advertising companies and anonymizing user browsing behavior. The report says that Google and the adtech industry both practice “wide-scale and systemic breaches of the data protection regime” in how personalized ads are shown.

The report then further explains that while a user is visiting a site, companies receive their personal data in order to show these ads without making users aware of it. Plaintiffs are trying to trigger provisions in the GDPR which would lead the EU into Google’s data-collection practices. With the GDPR is made to ensure that individual has protection over their personal data within the EU and addressing the export of data outside of the nation.

The complaint argues that Google is violating the GDPR’s requirement of data collection and distribution, and Google has reportedly implemented privacy protections with consultation with EU regulators to comply. Brave browser has partnered with the Dow Jones Media Group to test blockchain tech in adtech with users earning Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) by engaging with ads from publishers.

Brave seeks to rid the middleman in the industry and are trying to:

“Trying to reconnect the funding that comes in gross payments after the fact from advertisers and gets chopped down by a bunch of middle players—notably Google—and the remnants are given to publishers.”

Source: Cointelegraph.

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