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CNBC’s Fast Money Tweets: Do the Exact Opposite of What They Say

CNBC’s Fast Money Tweets: Do the Exact Opposite of What They Say

Bitcoin traders are always trying to get a feel for the market based on anything and everything from technical analysis to reading comments on a news article to get an overall sentiment of the current trend.

A new indicator for BTC just went semi-viral. It’s based on bullish and bearish tweets from CNBC’s Fast Money, using them to chart price action. Based on crypto trends, the show features some market analysis and expert opinions. Jacob Canfield, a trader/investor, built an indicator that tests whether or not CNBC is a good “contraindictor.” He tested the tweets from CNBC and used his data to predict the next price movement:

“After back testing what I like to call the ‘CNBC Bitcoin 4.90% Indicator,’ it is giving us a clear buy signal in this new range. 

Almost every single bullish tweet we’ve seen has been at the top of nearly every single rally, giving us a very strong sell signal.”

This shows that CNBC is a good indicator to go against, rather than follow. He then says:

“With every bearish tweet we see, it has been a clear indicator of a short reversal and end of a rally.”

This is some surprising news. CNBC may just be a pretty accurate contraindicator to use in order to predict the next movement. Canfield also says that the next rally is on the way. And it’ll be a major one.

After his chart was posted on Twitter, he racked up plenty of attention. Later, CNBC posted a tweet that read “This tweet is neither bullish nor bearish.” This could be in an effort to trip up Canfield.

BTC has spiked rising to a high of $6,882 from $6,459 according to WorldCoinIndex.

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