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Editorial Policy

Where we get out information

We source information from all over the web and from companies that get in contact with us. Information is always checked with due diligence before posted and factual to the best of our knowledge. If you suspect an article contains misleading or incorrect information, please get in touch with us.

Our asset holdings

Our writers trade and hold cryptocurrencies with long and short positions. These holdings don’t influence how and what type of news articles are published. Our information is based on factual data and aren’t affected by the positions our writers hold.

Linking to third-party sites

Our editorials and articles link to other sites frequently. We don’t endorse these sites and they do not express our own opinions.

Paid and sponsored articles

We may post articles, interviews, or content that has been paid for in order to be posted on our site. These articles will clearly be labeled as “Sponsored” in an obvious location. The validity of this content is factual to the best of our knowledge and follows the rest of our Editorial Policy.

Media attribution

The majority of our images are freely sourced from Pixabay under a CC license that requires no attribution. If it’s sourced or provided elsewhere, it’ll be appropriately attributed and credited.

Other media such as videos, audio, and other content is sourced accordingly to their respective owners and properly attributed as necessary.

Article submissions

We take submissions from guests and readers. They’re subject to review and may only be accepted if it contains only factual reporting. All guest posts and submissions will be labeled as a “Guest submission.”