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Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Yahoo! Revoke Crypto Ad Bans

Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Yahoo! Revoke Crypto Ad Bans

It seems like the world is about ready to embrace the crypto space once and for all. Well, actually, four of the world’s largest tech giants are revoking their previous ban on cryptocurrency advertising, which in turn will increase exposure to the markets and bring in new investors.

Facebook began its crypto ad ban back in January of 2018 stating that it aimed to protect its users from scams. It was revoked in June. Instagram is also allowing ads since it’s owned by the same company. With both of these platforms now able to garner millions of possible views and exposure to the space, it can definitely bring in some new money.

Google is the world’s largest online advertising platform and has also blocked cryptocurrency ads back in March. However, it appears that ads are starting to show again in searches and even ICOs. A simple search for “bitcoin” yields ads at the top of the search results for some users as Google rolls out the update.

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Although Yahoo! is now a shell of its former self, it continues to run ads for the space. Yahoo! Japan also announced that a subsidiary is buying a 40% stake in a company called BitARG, which is a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. But it’s not just investing in it, for the time being, it’s actually set to launch in the Fall with services already near finished.

The companies are already well-known for laying down the banhammer on cryptocurrency ads earlier in the year. Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Yahoo seem to have all come to the realization that they should give crypto another chance to advertise on their platforms. These four companies dominate the world’s advertising space with Facebook and Google taking home the majority of the market share. Regardless, having the ability to advertise exchanges, platforms, and even ICOs will only do wonders for the space and can only increase publicity overall.

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