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FNBO Direct 0.65% APY Online Checking Review

FNBO Direct 0.65% APY Online Checking Review

FNBO Direct is offering a nationwide online checking account with a nice 0.65% APY. Note that this is checking, meaning that your debit, liquid cash will earn the high-yield interest. This is NOT a savings account, meaning you can withdraw as many times as you like per month.

Most checking accounts pay little-to-no interest, but FNBO will pay you a nice 0.65% APY just for having the cash in yoru account whle yopu shop.

This offer is available to all US residents and only requires a minimum of $1 to start. The account has no monthly fees, no minimum requirements to earn the APY. You’ll earn on even 1 cent at the high rate. FNBO also offers free online banking, 24/7 access to over 2M ATMs, a free Visa debit card, Popmoney, free fraud monitoring, wries/stop payments, fee bill pay, recurring paymens, and one overdraft forgiveness annually.

This is a limited-time promotional offer to lock in the savings rate.

FNBO Direct Online Checking Account offer details

Account Type: Online Checking Account

Interest Rate: 0.65% APY

Minimum Balance to Earn APY: $0.01

Maximum Balance: None listed

Availability: NationwideC

Opening Deposit: $1

Maintenance Fees: None

Insured: Yes – FDIC.

Fraud monitoring: Yes

How to get the 0.65% APY checking account

  1. Sign up here for an online checking account
  2. Fund it with some cash.
  3. You’ll get a Visa debit card in the mail.
  4. Earn 0.65% on any amounts in your checking/debit account.

Pros of FNBO

  • No minimum to get 0.65% APY
  • Earn on your liquid cash
  • Competitive rate for checking APY
  • Popmoney included
  • Online banking
  • 24/7 access to 2M ATMs nationwide
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Free recurring payments
  • Free Visa debit card
  • No fees or minimum balance requirements
  • You can shut down the account anytime with no fees
  • 1 free overdraft per year

Cons of FNBO

  • 0.65% APY for checking isn’t the absolute best, but it’s very good.

Overall thoughts

This is a good checking account with Visa which you can use nearly evrywhere and the access to ATMs makes this definiteyl a fluid checking account. The 0.65% APY is a decent rate for debit accounts and you can also link this to their 2.25% APY FNBO Direct high-yield savings account.

What do you think?