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Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers with Demand Film

Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers with Demand Film

Movie buffs can now search crypto right on their couch just by watching movie trailers online. Independent film company Demand Film founded in 2016 will pay people in crypto for watching the trailer and even promoting new films.

The business model works by helping indie filmmakers create promotional efforts for their films by rewarding fans for promoting their favorite trailers and images. Independent producers don’t have a Marvel-sized budget to spend on booking thousands of theaters worldwide, so Demand Film will help in the distribution process for indenting filmmakers.

They’re based in Australia and using their own cryptocurrency called Screencreds, which allows filmmakers to leverage worldwide access to online promotion and fans.

Currently, their model is based on user demand, pre-booking, and creating buzz around these new films. They organize screenings for a small selection of films that last about a day. Screencreds will reward everyday fans who like watching films, sharing them, and promoting trailers they see online.

CEO David Doepel says:

“At the moment, we report royalties every quarter and pay the filmmakers. With a cryptocurrency the payment would be automatic. The filmmaker would get their money right away.”

Users will be getting paid for what they are doing already – watching trailers, sharing them, promoting our movies to their friends, and payment will be based on influence. The more people see the shared trailer, and the more people that then buy tickets to our screenings, the more Screencreds users earn.”

Before its listing on NCX, they’ll have limited value in terms of cryptocurrency. It’ll mainly be used as a medium of exchange for access to single-event movie premieres, VIP events, and meet-and-greets with talent.

They’re currently looking how to expand their currency into the roster of filmmakers, royalty payments, and reduce transactions fees to transfer payments across multiple regions worldwide- Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the US and the UK. Screencreds premieres tomorrow in Germany with a few trailers.

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