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Best gift ideas for girlfriend after a long time.

Best Gifts Ideas for a Girlfriend You Haven’t Seen for a Long Time

So, it’s been some time since you’ve last met your girlfriend and you want to know what to get her to surprise her.

In this gift guide, we’ll go over some awesome gift ideas you can use to put a smile on her face and really show that you missed her.

You can show her that you were thinking of her and appreciate her during the entire time you were apart. It’s been a long time, so you want to find something that’s not boring or ordinary, right?

Here are some excellent choices that’ll show her just how much you really care about her.

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Last updated: 1/21/20.

Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 1Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 2

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1. Romantic Popup Card

Regular cards are boring. This one isn’t.

It’s a popup card of you and her kissing under a cherry blossom tree. And it’s all in complete 3D.

The card appears as if it’s just another traditional card, but once she flips it open, she’ll see a blossom she didn’t expect.

The card lets you design, write, or customize whatever text or drawings you want to add to it. The center of the card has the cherry tree. I think you could even get more creative and put a cutout of your face and her face on the silhouette characters. Then it’d be a personal card.

The best part is that that you can use it for any occasion, not only meeting after a long departure.

Handmade and unique that she’ll never see coming. Also comes in an envelope making it all the more special. Ditch the boring cards.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Handmade materials
  • Completely customizable (you can write on it)
  • Includes envelope that matches the card
  • Not boring like regular cards

Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 3

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2. Ring for a Kiss Desktop Bell

All the kisses she owes you will have you ringing this bell for days. Surprise her with a desktop bell that’s just screaming cute and creative at the same time.

You can place this on the kitchen counter and ring, then she’ll have to stop what she’s doing to kiss you.

And she could probably pull off the same trick to you, so you better abide and know what you’re getting yourself into.

Works without any batteries and loud enough to hear across the room. Perfect for surprising her after a long time of not seeing each other.

You could probably pair the bell and another present to make it complementary.

A playful way to get her attention.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Loud enough to hear from a distance
  • No batteries needed
  • Cute and creative
  • Playful and functional

Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 4Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 5
Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 6

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3. Storybook Picture Frame

Another complementary gift to consider over the traditional card. This picture frame lets you put a picture and a poem together into a folding “book.”

The nice part about it is that you can be pretty creative and make your own custom poetry book. Whether you’re good or not at writing poems, that’s another story.

This storybook lets you add pictures, poems, letters, or even any combination between the two to make a mesmerizing gift for her.

Maybe you can write about how much you missed her when she was gone? Or how about all the thoughts that went through your head when she was abroad? Who knows. Get creative and let it shine.

The brushed silver double frame has a unique look with some velvet backing and a glass front. Use a 4 x 6 photo and it’ll look like it was custom made just for this dual frame.

Classy, unique, and special. Definitely a different take on the regular greeting photos and cards.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Fits 4 x 6 photos
  • Add a poem, letter, or another photo
  • Completely customizable
  • High-quality brushed silver

Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 7Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 8

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4. Da Vinci Code Romance Box

Okay, so fi you want a weird gift for your GF, this is it.

The Da Vinci Code box lets you set a custom password and lock it up with whatever you want. Just like in the movie, your partner has to crack the code in order to get to the goods.

You can put a small note in there and have her try to unlock it or you can put some hints around the home like a scavenger hunt for her to crack the code! The possibilities of this are off the charts.

Who’d ever expect to get something like this? Especially for someone who never watched the movie or read the book? That may actually enhance the “surprise” she’ll get because she has no one idea what this cryptex actually is. Probably makes a good gift for the nerdy GF.

You can fit a small note, necklace, bracelet, or even a ring.

This is truly for the creative type. The possibilities of what you can do are endless.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Customize your own password for her to crack
  • She’s probably never seen anything remotely close
  • Perfect for Da Vinci Code fans (or not)
  • Hide another surprise within the case to surprise her again
Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 9Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 10

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5. 24K Diamond Electroplate Purse Mirror

This purse mirror stands out from all the others because of the pretty design. It features studded diamonds on a gold circular plate.

This is perfect for girls who do makeup on the go, this compact mirror will shine for her every time she uses it.

24K gold electroplated materials to handle daily wear and tear. And the shiny stones offer a touch of elegance to make ti even more special.

Diamond clasp to hold it together and prevent the mirror from unfolding when unneeded. The mirror itself has 2-sided magnification with clear reflection for no-blur makeup application.

Simple, adorable, and actually practical. She just may use this thing right when you give it to her.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Adorable and simple
  • 24K gold
  • Clear mirror
  • Unique gift that she’ll actually use

Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 11Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 12

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6. Couples Mug Set

Another awesome present for the girlfriend- matching mugs! Sure it’s cliche, but this puts a spin on the regular boring ones.

This one has two mugs that go together when you place them nearby each other. The guy is blowing a kiss towards the girl. When you put the mugs next to each other, they complete the picture.

Perfect for your daily cup of joe with her. You two can sit next to each other and place the cups as they’re made to be, then get a chuckle out of it. They’re not just any coffee mugs, they’re for couples.

Make something up about them when you give them to her, like “I haven’t seen you in forever so this cup just shows how much I wanna see you daily.” Or something cheesy like that.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Unique twist to boring coffee mugs
  • Complete the picture when you’re together
  • Suitable for any drink
  • Easy to clean
Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 13

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7. “Our Moments” Card Game

Something that she can check out when she’s back on her first night with you.

This game lets you test each other by asking thought-provoking questions for the both of you.

The cards contain conversation starters for great relationships, so this should be pretty enjoyable for both you and her.

Maybe you can test her to see how much she still remembers, or the other around!

There are different versions of the game and lets you spend quality time together. Whether you’re seeing each other after a short or long time, these cards will make both of you think about your relationship and cherish it.

The cards come printed on 300gms card stock with 100 questions total.

What makes it a great gift:

  • High quality card stock
  • 100 total questions
  • Cherish your time together and think about your relationship
  • Check to see who’s the relationship master

Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 14Gift for Girlfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time (2020) 15

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8. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are all the rage now.

These lamps are advertised to have positive health effects, such as a calming aura and relaxed mood. These claims have never been proven, but many reviewers seem to agree to some extent that they’ve experienced some of these benefits.

For the girl who’s into the new age stuff, a salt lamp will be something that’s basically a necessity. The warm glow of the lamp provides a nice, calming effect. Can be used as a nightlight.

Built-in dimmer switch to control brightness with a carved wood base. A thoughtful gift that’s actually useful.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Dimmer switch controls brightness
  • Carved wooden base
  • Actually useful
  • Calming, warm color

How to choose a gift for the GF you haven’t seen in a while

So if you’re seeing her again after a long time, you’ll want think to think about a gift that shows how much you actually missed her. This means something that’s between you two so it seems personalized, rather than a random generic gift (like flowers). Think of ongoing jokes and stuff that only you and her would know about. This makes the present feel that much more personalized.

Things to consider when deciding:

  • What’s an ongoing joke between you two?
  • Does she like DIY gifts?
  • Does the gift have something personal?
  • Does the gift do anything? Practical?

Think about how the present benefits her. Think about if she’ll actually get the message that you were waiting for her the whole time, or if it’s just a random something that you bought last minute.

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Long-distance relationships have a 58 percent success rate.

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