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Miner One Launches Space Miner One; A Bitcoin Miner Goes to the Moon

Miner One Launches Space Miner One; A Bitcoin Miner Goes to the Moon

Bitcoin is going to the moon. Well, almost.

Miner One, a crypto mining company, released a huge hot-air balloon into the Earth’s stratosphere with Bitcoin mining equipment. It was aptly named “Space Miner One” and reached about 35K meters above Lithuania.

It featured a bunch of ASIC mining gear, a battery, a satellite phone, and a Raspberry Pi 3. The flight was a little over 2 hours before it was brought back to land.

Miner One is a new crypto company that wants to build technological mining centers and gives that benefit to other Miner One MIO token holders. It’s currently in its ICO stage and has belief in Bitcoin. They’ve disclosed that they’re long on Bitcoin because its the “world’s most popular and proven application of blockchain technology” and that they’re “seeing growing interest and adoption” according to CEO Pranas Slusnys.

They also released a survey result that over 1,500 members took part in. About 31% believe that Bitcoin will fly over $15K this year. 26% believe that it’ll go past $25K. And 10% expect it to go over $35K. Over 8% think it’ll soar past $45K. On the opposite side, only about 2% think it’ll stay under $5K, 5% think it’ll stay below $10K, and 15% believe it won’t go higher than $15K.

Either way, this feat garnered some attention for both the coin and company. Mission accomplished.

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