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NEO and Tron Compete For Top 10 List; New “Secret Projects” Revealed

NEO and Tron Compete For Top 10 List; New “Secret Projects” Revealed

Competing crypto companies NEO and Tron and in a battle to reach the top 10 list of cryptocurrencies. They both are always contending for a place on the list as they trade places on the CoinMarketCap list almost on a weekly basis. To compete, both platforms are working towards a faster alternative to payment processing with Ethereum and get more developers interested in creating some new apps for both platforms.

NEO has dozens of DApps currently being worked on, including THEKEY and AdEx. Tron just launched its mainnet and is developing at least 9 DApps and has a nice program set up to interest developers to create for their platform.

Both companies are also constantly taunting and flaunting announcements of what they’re doing and what they want to accomplish. Tron’s Justin Sun recently talked about the release of the Tron Virtual Machine which will launch on July 31 and also will launch a “secret project” just before it. This triggered Tron’s community into a huge discussion and speculation about whether or not it’s tied to the recent acquisition of BitTorrent.

NEO just talked about their own projects on their Twitter account and how they’ll be released the latest and best version of their platform – NEO 3.0. Speculators are thinking about the potential of a full reveal for a infrastructure like neo-sharp.

As for Tron’s secret project and NEO 3.0, no one knows what’s in store for either of them. A whitepaper for both should be coming soon.

Regardless, competition creates new developments for both companies and HODLers will only benefit from it. It’s capitalism in a free market in action.

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