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New Reality TV Show “BlockBattle” Premiering in October

New Reality TV Show “BlockBattle” Premiering in October

Another reality TV show based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is about to hit the scenes. While we’ve already seen some documentaries and movies already, this is one of the first actual, legit reality TV shows that covers nothing but the crypto universe.

If anything, this will just increase exposure and facilitate mainstream adoption and get the word out there. The show is called “BlockBattle – Who’s the Next Satoshi?” The show showcases blockchain development teams in a five-episode season that’ll release in Asia this October. It features teams facing off in one-on-one battles, presentations, and competitions in front of a judging staff and online audience who’ll help vote for the next “Bitcoin creator.”

The price includes things like an expert mentoring program from experts worldwide, exposure, and the support from Global investment funds. It’s like a mashup of different elements from shows like Chopped and Shark Tank.

Judges appearing on the include Roger Ver of Bitcoin.com, Damian Williams of Alchemist Ventures, Rayol Hwang of Hillstone Partners, Lee Shin-Hye of GBIC, and a few other people in the crypto world.

The show airs on Economy TV in Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. For more info about the show or to apply, get it here.


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