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No Postage Necessary – World’s First Blockchain Film Released on Qtum

No Postage Necessary – World’s First Blockchain Film Released on Qtum

A copyright tracking and video exchange platform called Vevue based on the Qtum blockchain is debuting the world’s first film released on its blockchain. It’s called No Postage Necessary, which is an indie movie covering the life of a computer hacker. It’ll be available on the Qtum blockchain and users of Vevue can pay in crypto to stream the film over desktop and mobile.

The film seems like a sappy romantic comedy from a glimpse of its plot. It’s written by Jeremy Culver and incorporates betrayal, hacking, and Bitcoin all into one film. And it’s the first of its kind to be released on a blockchain with a PPV setup. The Vevue platform shows off the power of Qtum and the potential for just one use. Qtum is a decentralized smart contracts platform that allows devs to build a blocking economy. The contracts allow anonymous third-parties to make transactions without any controlling government.

Vevue takes out the middleman and reduces fees to be paid to anyone like “accountants or distribution fees.” Katherin Olson, co-founder, states that “It’s global and you’re not being run by a corporate monopoly. Creators are given the power to do what they please and that’s a central part of what we do.”

They want to reorganize how videos are exchanges and allow developers and creators to store copyright info on the blockchain and retain ownership of their creations using their Copyright Wallet. It drives efficiency in a P2P format and removes the Hollywood model for filmmaking by copyright ownership, licensing, and tons of middlemen which sucks out all the profit.

Qtum developers are rumored to be working on solutions that can process 20K transactions per second using the Solidity programming language and expanding to C, C++, Python, and Rust.

The film was initially premiered at the Tampa Theatre in Tampa, Florida on June 28 and also had a limited run in Santa Monica, California where it was played on July 6th.

Regardless, it’s not the first time a show or film has been made about crypto. Ripple has their own documentary and Bitcoin has one on the Binge network.

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