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Northpointe Bank 2.05% APY Savings Review

Northpointe Bank is offering a nice 2.05% APY nationwide for all US residents for their Ultimate Savings Account.

Notably, we all know that this isn’t the absolute best APY you can get. Some banks are offering up to 2.50% APY with similar minimum requirements.

However, if for some reason you prefer this bank, the APY they’re offering isn’t too bad. The account has no fees with multiple ways to fund your account. The only requirement is that you have at least $25,000.

Northpointe Bank Ultimate Savings Account details

  • Account type: Savings
  • Interest rate: 2.05% APY
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Minimum balance: $25,000
  • Maximum balance: None
  • Credit check: Soft pull
  • ChexSystems: Yes

How to get the high rate

  1. Sign up for an Ultimate Savings Account here.
  2. Create an account, then fund it with at least $25,000 to earn the 2.05% APY.
  3. Maintain the minimum balance to earn the high rate.

You don’t need to fund it right away with the minimum balance when you first open an account with Northpointe Bank, but you’ll need to eventually meet the minimum to get the 2.05% APY, as the APY is tiered.


There are no fees associated with their savings account.


  • No fees or monthly transfer requirements to meet.
  • Set and forget
  • Mobile and online banking options


  • High minimum requirement
  • APY isn’t that amazing

Overall review

I’d say this is a decent place to park your cash if you really have no other options.

The APY isn’t amazon, but isn’t bad either. This account offers you a nice way to earn on your savings without having to worry about anything. Literally just put in the $25K and forget about touching it again.

You’ll get the high rate during the meantime, and you can withdraw when you need your cash, as they allow the monthly 6 free withdraws from the account.

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