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Pithia Adopts Smart City Blockchain Technology

Pithia Adopts Smart City Blockchain Technology

Pithia, Inc. is a capital company of the RChain Cooperative. Today, they announced that they invested $2.4 million in a company called DigitalTown which is a smart city technology company. They plan to grow the RChain ecosystem and accelerates the adoption of DigitalTown’s turnkey solution that connects residents, visitors, and merchants who can shop and transact locally with their technology.

DigitalTown’s operation is currently operating locally, but they have a global vision. They want to create a people-centric city where people transact with businesses and people in a secure environment and can drive economic success and maintain full control of their data.

CEO Lawrence Lerner of Pithia states:

“The investment in DigitalTown brings foundational services via blockchain to consumers in every day businesses such as restaurant, hotels and other services”

“It is one more of the layers of infrastructure services bringing us another step closer to impactful, real world use cases for performant blockchains. Pithia is thoughtfully building the underpinnings of the blockchain era, and nothing is more foundational than the cities we live in and how we interact with one another.”

Lerner will partner with DigitalTown on the Board of Directors with two other partners. DigitalTown will also send two of their people to another Pithia portfolio company, lifeID, in order to bolster the company’s identity management platform development.

DigitalTown has already created solutions for Miami, Nashville, London, and others. So far, they provide an application that lets residents, visitors, and merchants to work together to create sovereign local communities. They want to bring blockchain solutions directly to local people to make it a usable function. Lawyers on both the RChain and lifeID platforms provide this infrastructure for blockchain developers to build decentralized applications.

DigitalTown is currently rolling out solutions to Central Texas as well. They’re taking the world by storm and providing their new technology to the people and bridging the connection between people and blockchain tech.


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