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Progressive Bank 4.05% APY Checking Review (LA)

Progressive Bank 4.05% APY Checking Review (LA)

Progressive Bank is offering a 4.05% APY checking account for residents of Louisiana (LA).

This is a high interest checking account and has a few requirements to be met in order to snag the high APY.

Since checking accounts offer you liquid access to your money more so than a traditional savings account, you’ll be earning a very nice interest on your liquid cash.

Progressive Bank 4.05% APY checking details

Account type: Checking

Interest rate: 4.05% APY

Minimum balance: $0

Maximum balance: $25,000

Availability: LA

Opening deposit: $50

How to get the high rate

  1. Go here and sign up for a Reward Interest Checking Account
  2. Deposit at least $50
  3. Set up direct deposit to your account
  4. Enroll for online banking, and use it at least once a month
  5. Use your debit card at least 12 times per billing cycle
  6. Maintain all of the above and earn a nice 4.05% APY on your account, up to $25,000

Rate tiers

Any amount from $0 to $25,000 will earn the 4.05% APY.


The online checking account by Progressive Bank has no monthly fees.

Overall review

This is a very high APY checking account limited to residents of LA. If you’re a resident and you’re looking to earn cash on your checking, this is probably one of the highest APYs you can get in the state.

Definitely worth checking out. If you’re already using a checking account with another bank, you can earn more on your cash with this rate.

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