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Rat Gets Into Indian ATM and Gobbles Up $18,000

Rat Gets Into Indian ATM and Gobbles Up $18,000

An ATM located in Tinsukia inside the state of Assam was breached with something technicians from the State Bank of India would’ve never imagined- a rat.

Instead of the usual malfunction- power outage, cash jam, card jam, or some other mechanical doohickey going haywire, this time a street rat somehow squeezed into the machine and starting munching on some cold hard cash.

When the ATM was disarmed and taken apart in order to fix it, they found a dead rat inside the machine which was able to get around the security barriers and smart enough to squeeze through and do its rat thing. It was also to sustain itself in the machine by eating bills, which were founded shredded to bits.

Over $18,000 worth of local dollars were eaten up by the rat. This is just another advantage of going crypto- albeit, a very strange and weird one. Physical money is an expenditure for governments and banknotes takes money to print. Systems that counterfeit, distribute, and all the manual labor required to tax, process, and otherwise cash all take time and more money. Going to a cashless medium allows for efficiency and security.

However, digital failures can also cause issues, such as the VISA downtime in Europe earlier this month. Citizens were stranded at the malls, restaurants, and gas stations.

With cryptocurrency, it could provide a meaningful solution as it’s decentralized with rapid transition times. This means no central server would be required to run it, such as the case of credit cards, and it would also be rat-proof.

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