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3 Practical Ways to Save Money (Tips and Tricks) – 2019

3 Practical Ways to Save Money (Tips and Tricks) – 2019

So, you’re looking to cut some costs, save money practically, and take home a bigger portion of your paycheck each month.

There are a few practical ways you can do this without moving your life around. I mean, isn’t it already busy enough?

Don’t you already have enough commitments?

Don’t you wish you could just get some practical advice?

Well, that’s why I wrote this post.

I put together a list of ways you can save more money. Practically.

You’re not here to listen to me blab about how this list can change your life and all, so let’s just get started already.

Here are some ways you can save money every month- without having to move your life around.

Stop wasting money to save money

Okay, I know this one’s a pretty obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many Americans actually can’t stop themselves from saving money.

What do I mean exactly by not wasting your hard-earned dough?

A study shows that over 60% of Americans don’t even have $1,000 saved in their bank account. If anything, stopping our spending habits would be the first step to saving.

Stop wasting it on things you don’t absolutely need. I can hear you asking already:

  • I don’t waste money.
  • I can’t save any more money.
  • I’m already living like a cheapskate.
  • I don’t know how to save my money.
  • I have nothing to save.
  • I want to enjoy my life, not save every single dollar.

Yeah yeah, I know.

The trick here is to stop wasting money on things that are unnecessary. If you really want to save money, you need to actually save money.

Cut out everything you don’t absolutely need. If you can live without it, don’t spend on it. I always say, the best way to earn money is to save money. That’s all you need to remember.

For example, if you go out every Friday night with your buddies, go out every other week.

Right there, that’ll cut your tab at bar in half. That’s a 50% reduction already. If you’re spending $30 each Friday night, you’re spending $120 a month.

This will nstally save you $60 a month. $60. That can pay for a bunch of things:

  • Your auto insurance
  • Debt
  • Credit card payments
  • A gym membership (an expensive one)
  • Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and pretty much all your entertainment or subscription services

Or it can even earn you money if you place it in a savings account

Imagine that, saving money and then having it pay you back in interest monthly. It’s like getting paid to save.

Saving money made easy

You can really start to save yourself some cash every month by not wasting it.

Don’t think of not spending as “not worth it because it barely saves me anything.”

That’s the point. You cut costs here and there. Little by little.

In the end, it all adds up. If you start really thinking about how you can stop wasting your cash, you’ll come up with your own tricks.

And it’s not really all that difficult. In fact, I can whip one up right now in 3 minutes.

Here are 20 other ways you can instantly stop wasting money:

  1. Cut off all subscriptions that you don’t use (or switch to the free version)
  2. Buy higher calorie meals that keep you full longer, so you spend less on the grocery bill
  3. Buy everything in bulk freezer packs
  4. Only drive to work and places that are absolutely necessary
  5. If you can choose when to drive, go out during non-peak hours to save cash on gas
  6. Use the cheapest phone plan possible that covers your data usage
  7. Downgrade your cable or TV package and balance it out with your subscription services (really, you don’t need as much entertainment as you think you do)
  8. Don’t buy fast food, get freezer packs of bulk food
  9. Prepare your meals at home rather than eating out
  10. Cut out cigarettes, vaping, or other unhealthy habits
  11. Buy water as your main source of hydration
  12. Buy generic for everything other than food
  13. Keep your car tires inflated for MPG
  14. Use cold water when possible
  15. If you don’t have free utilities, turn off lights, take quicker showers, don’t use the heater/AC when you don’t need to
  16. Wear more layers rather than turning on the heater
  17. Use a fan rather than turning on the AC
  18. Don’t buy purchases unless it saves you time or makes you money
  19. Cut your own hair
  20. Don’t buy beverages, make them at home

With the extra savings, put it into a high-yield savings account so you can earn on it and start snowballing your savings.

Doing any combination of these tips will definitely save you cash right away. That means you’ll take home a larger paycheck every month.

Use coupons (seriously)

Now that we’ve covered some ways to stop wasting money, the next step is to save more money.

This is where mini pieces of paper come in to the rescue.

Remember those those things in magazines and newspapers that you cut out to instantly save cash at the store?

What were they called again?


That’s right. Coupons.

This is something that many people overlook but it’s literally a way to save cash without having to change anything in your life.

You don’t even have to cut the coupons anymore. With everything going digital, you can literally get coupons from your favorite restaurants, stores, and groceries sent straight to your phone or email.

There’s really no excuse.

However, the trick here is to not only use coupons, but also only use them on purchases you absolutely need to buy.

I’m not talking about the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone (which by the way, you shouldn’t even be considering at this point if you’re trying to save money. And there’s no need to have the latest phone).

I’m talking about everyday purchases, like food and your weekly grocery haul. The coupons you get in the mail, take some time and look through them. Cut out the phones for food that you’ll actually need.

How to save money with coupons

You may be tempted here to start trimming coupons for stuff you may think you need. But control yourself. Only cut coupon for stuff you need to buy, like water, frozen chicken, condiments, milk, coffee, eggs, and the basic necessities.

After you clip them out, don’t review the ad. Throw it out so you don’t second guess. This is important.

So now you have a pile of coupons to use at your next grocery haul. Bring them with you. They’ll serve as a shopping list to remind you exactly what you need to buy and they’ll instantly save you cash.

Most stores have a digital ad of their latest coupon offerings. I prefer the physical format, but if you have it on your phone, that’s fine too. Just be sure to not get upsold on various junk that you don’t really need.

Also think about the future- if you have a coupon for something you don’t need now, but will need later on, buy it.

Perhaps it’s something that you can stock up on later and probably won’t be on sale then. Buy the item now.

As long as it doesn’t expire soon, you can save yourself money. Don’t only think about this weekend’s haul. Think about your future hauls also.

Just using coupons will save you a ton of cash. This doesn’t cost you anything extra and doesn’t require you to do anything but pull out a pair of scissors and a few minutes of your time.

Optimize your time

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money” right?

Well, you may be wondering how exactly optimizing your time will save you money. Hear me out.

What I mean is that you should do things in the most efficient way possible, such as taking care of things (like bills) ahead of time, not waiting until the last minute to do things you should be doing, and planning ahead for the future.

A study conducted reveals that up to 95% of college students procrastinate back in 2007. That’s nothing to scoff at.

Plan for the future

The future? That’s scary, right?

Well, think about it for a second.

  • If you take care of problems before they happen, it can (and will) save you tons of cash. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples of what I mean:
  • If you go for your regular dental cleanings, on time, you’ll prevent cavities which will run you hundreds of more dollars down the line.
  • Pay your bills on time and you’ll avoid interest charges

Buy your week’s worth of groceries at one time, then you can save gas from constantly having to go out to get one meal

You see what I mean? These are all ways to save money by just optimizing your time. This literally costs you nothing and can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

All you need to do is put priorities first and not wait until the last minute to do anything. Do it ahead of time and you’ll save yourself cash down the line.

Save time, save money

Personally, I think this is something that’s overlooked and no one realizes how important time is and how much time we can save just by optimizing how we use our time.

  • If you stopped at the market on your way back from work and picked dinner, you wouldn’t have to go out again and waste gas at night.
  • If you’re going out to two different stores in opposite directions, wait on the one that you can go to another day and align your route accordingly.
  • If there’s a task that needs to be done (and it’s a huge one), do it early in small chunks rather than waiting until the last minute and spending money on “do it for me” solutions (such as taxes and tax attorneys).

Do you see the power of this tip? Do you see how just by changing the order of how you do things can really save you cash?

Apply it to your daily life and reap the benefits, my friend.

Extra: Get a remote job

Okay, out of all the tips on this list, this one probably requires the biggest life change. But then again, it may all be worth the change.

After all, YOLO, right?

If you hate your job, chances are you can get a remote job without any credentials. Isn’t it time you did something bold with your life?

Getting a remote job will let you do two things:

  • Start saving a ton of cash right away and passively
  • A possibility to get a job you’ll actually enjoy

It’s 2019. We’re evolving as a human species with technology as our backbone.

Many jobs now don’t require a human to be physically present in order for it to be done. You’d be surprised at how many larger companies now offer remote positions or even are fully remote.

This approach saves any company cash and operating expenses, which explains why remote jobs are becoming more and more popular by the day. Efficiency goes off the charts!

It’s easier than ever work from home

This is good news for you- you have a very good chance of getting a remote job in today’s digital more than ever.

Getting a remote job will instantly allieve of the following costs:

  • Gas money
  • Commute time
  • Expensive lunches or eating out
  • Saves you time!

Personally, I’m most interested in the time save. Not having to get up and get ready (which by the way, is unpaid time we “donate” daily to our jobs) saves time for me to do other things like type up this blog post.

But to focus on the main topic, practical ways to save you money, you’ll instantly save cash on your car expenses, such as gas and maintenance.

You may even get lower insurance payments since you barely drive anymore, or even ditch the car entirely and invest in a bicycle.

That’d be ideal if possible, because that means you’ll have no car payments and no insurance payments sucked out of your paycheck. At all.

It may be worth it to try

Now, I know not everyone can do this, but for those who really hate their job, definitely consider getting a remote job.

The easiest way to find one is to just go on Indeed and search for the following keywords:

  • “work from home”
  • “remote”

Filter by your location and see what comes up. Skim through them, read some reviews, apply for a few- you know, the usual.

You just may discover a new avenue in your life. And now you can save money and maybe even work at a job you’ll enjoy.

Practical ways to save money

So, did you find a new way you never thought of before to save you some serious dough? Do you have any tricks yourself to share?

Which one of these techniques did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments.

What do you think?