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Sony files patent to use blockchain technology

Sony files patent to use blockchain technology

Sony filed a tech patent which proposes blockchain technology use as a way to replace DRM in media.

In its current state, DRM on PS4 is operated by third-parties, but Sony wants to control it. They want to protect their own properties with their own solution and also believe that the current DRM platform is possible to become obsolete over time. To do this, they need to control it so that owners of media can access their purchase securely.

The blockchain is popularized by cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It’s currently used to prove ownership basically by working on a series of encryption and decryption that link to a genesis block. The user’s rights would be confirmed by this blockchain and then a DRM system would then verify. When verified, users can then access their digital goods. Sony is prosing several solutions to get this working instead of having DRM systems on their machine.

Users will be able to play games on a friend’s account no more. I predict that if this takes place, it’ll only be allowed on a single device since blockchain tech is a lot restrictive. Only the user purchasing the game will be able to play it. Blockchain also is very resource-hungry, so we’ll have to see how it plays out in terms of power usage.

Right now, all Sony did is file the patent. There’s no news on when this will happen. Sony isn’t the only one doing this either. Robot Cache on PC will also use blockchain tech in distribution, as announced by Brian Fargo.

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