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Tron Achieves 1,200 Transactions Per Second

Tron Achieves 1,200 Transactions Per Second

Tron’s new proprietary blockchain has gotten to the point of processing about 1,200 transactions per second (TPS). Compared to other speedy platforms like Ethereum, it’s about 80 times faster. The news was revealed by Justin Sun, Tron founder and CEO in a recent tweet showing off the speed of the platform and the potential of utilizing the massive P2P network BitTorrent, which was recently bought out by Tron.

Compared to Ethereum which runs at about 20 TPS, Tron’s potential to perform a higher volume of processing is based on the fact that the platform lets its community vote on a select number of individuals and companies dubbed “super representatives” which are the nodes that create blocks on the Tron network and validate transactions. They also compete for its rewards which leads to better development over time and improved speeds.

Having a small number of speedy nodes is different from Ethereum’s network, which is more like a network that allows anyone to power up a node rather than select entities. There are about 13,000 Ethereum nodes online that record the platform’s ledger and provide security. But all of them are needed just to power a single transaction which then has imposing limits on the transactions it can process at a single point in time. They’re working on improving speed and scaling solutions such as sharding and plasma to increase the TPS.

Vitalik Buterin, Etherum’s creator, says it’ll reach millions of transactions in the future. Whereas Tron has made many promises on its potential. In June, Tron achieved 2K TPS on internal testing runs. They left the Ethereum network and launched its own mainnet last month.

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