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Tron’s Plans for BitTorrent Confirmed: “Project Atlas” Revealed

Tron’s Plans for BitTorrent Confirmed: “Project Atlas” Revealed

Tron is finally coming out of the woodwork with its finalized plans for its secret project- how it’ll exactly use BitTorrent. Tron recently purchased BitTorrent and has only hinted at what it plans to do with it. Now, for the first time, it’s confirmed the exact plans on its $100M acquisition of the global P2P network.

Tron founder Justin Sun states the Tron protocol will be integrated directly into the file-sharing platform in a project dubbed “Project Atlas.” Sun says that he wants to use Tron to improve BitTorrent in order to increase speed and performance. Project Atlas will be the powerhouse that’ll strengthen the BT protocol to make it more “competent.”

He says this can be done by rewarding users who share files on BitTorrent by giving them TRX tokens in exchange for helping to make it faster and stronger by infusing “more resources into the current ecosystem.”

“Currently we are exploring the possibility of using the Tron protocol to improve the BitTorrent protocol, in order to make the BitTorrent protocol faster… I hope the integration of Tron and BitTorrent will allow both parties to work better as one in the future.”

“At this point, there is no incentive for peers who have completed downloading to continue to seed. We intend to extend the rewards to peers who seed torrents, infusing more resources into the current ecosystem.”

BitTorrent can help Tron’s goals of becoming a decentralized platform for digital content creators and also help Ethereum in daily transactions. This will instantly allow BitTorrent users to become part of the ecosystem and also make it the largest application on the Tron network. Tron will be able to beat Ethereum in the sheer number of daily transactions and become the most “influential public chain in the world.”

“Hundreds of millions of BT users across the globe will become part of the Tron ecosystem. BitTorrent will be the largest application on the Tron network, which will allow Tron to pass Ethereum on daily transactions and become the most influential public chain in the world.

The integration of BitTorrent and Tron will offer new possibilities to global payment and settlement of the Tron online content. The creators of this content will reach hundreds of millions of global users through this decentralized network without intermediaries.”

He also talked about cryptocurrency mining and how it’ll not be integrated into BT.

Tron also released the beta version of its virtual machine which gives developers the tools necessary to create smart contras and decentralized apps. This was just a few hours ago today. This machine will be tested by the community through the month of August with the final release expected to launch on August 30th.

The following video depicts Sun going over the new developer tools:

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