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TRX Launches on BitBox; BitTorrent Elected as Super Rep

TRX Launches on BitBox; BitTorrent Elected as Super Rep

Tron (TRX) has just been listed on the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange BitBox. They announced an airdrop of up to 9M TRX tokens to celebrate the special occasion for TRX HODLers.

The Tron community also elected BitTorrent as one of 27 super representatives that’ll power and evolve the Tron network. It was recently purchased by Tron for $140M USD and its exact plans were revealed for what they plan to do with it. It has over 100M users on Window and Mac globally and uses a P2P protocol that allows the user to download and send large files quickly and easily. Tron and BT are both decentralized networks.

Tron’s 27 democratically-elected super reps will be responsible for overseeing the development of the entire network.

Tron’s community seems to be in good spirits with ongoing updates from TRX.

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