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US Customs and Border Protection Testing Blockchain Tech

US Customs and Border Protection Testing Blockchain Tech

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will launch a new test of using a blockchain-based shipment tracking system. They’re one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the United States and they’ll be performing a live test as reported by GSN.

The CBP will be combining two separate systems- the legacy application and a blockchain-powered platform developed by the agency’s owning corporation and the Department of Homeland Security. This test will determine how this ledger technology is able to improve the process of verification certificates of origin from the partners of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Central American Free Trade Agreement. It’ll also reduce the process of submitting the shipping data and improve the overall efficiency of the system.

The agency also wants to build standards of interaction between different blockchains in order to make sure all firms and software they use will be easily integrated with customs without the need for additional modules.

The Director of the Transformation and Innovation Division of the agency, Vincent Annunziato, made a remark at the various blockchain platforms and how they’re currently incompatible and how data security is of “utmost importance.” They’re also developing a proof-of-concept scheme for dealing with IP. At this point, he stressed that the test will determine if consumers to be able to determine if a product is authentic or not.

They’re collaborating with blockchain startups such as Factom and the DHS Science and Technology Directorate on another project that’s aimed to stop the interception of data from sensors and cameras on the border. This currently being texted in Texas.

The DHS also reported that it plans to Implement blockchain tech in security, sharing, and storing data collected by security cameras and internal databases in 2017 in an attempt to stop data manipulation and hacking attacks on borders and airport systems.

IBM and Maersk, the Danish transport giant, both launched a joint project that utilized block cha0 based shipping technology called TradeLens, which up to 95 organizations and over 154M shipping events have been logged in the project. This is another project that aims to make the logistic world more efficient with blockchain technology.

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