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World’s First Blockchain Smartphone “Finney” To Be Promoted by Lionel Messi

World’s First Blockchain Smartphone “Finney” To Be Promoted by Lionel Messi

Blockchain smartphones are coming out this year as startup Sirin Labs launches its first blockchain mobile dubbed the “Finney.” It’s a thin, sleek, and super technologically advanced smartphone priced at a smooth $1,000 USD. Its most noticeable feature is the proprietary dual-screen design with a “Safe Screen” which makes it the world’s first mass-market blockchain mobile device.’

The phone is named after Hal Finney, a Bitcoin pioneer and the recipient of Satoshi Nakamoto’s first Bitcoin transaction. The blockchain phone is built to make carrying and transaction cons super easy and super safe.

It’ll launch later this year in 2018 with Lionel Messi as the spokesperson who’ll promote it to crypto enthusiasts all over the globe. It’ll feature two screens- one standalone screen running on dedicated firmware for secure and safe wallet transactions. It’s powered by a fork of Android that’s been certified by Google called Sirin OS. It’s embedded with cold storage wallet for the top cryptocurrencies and tokens and a multi-layered cybersecurity suite. It’s even got a DApp store and token conversion services that allow anyone to purchase decentralized applications within the DApp store. This is for the serious crypto HODLer.

Sirin Labs is based in Switzerland and is putting the manufacturing of the product into tech giant Foxconn, which makes the iPhone. The Finney promises attention to detail and aims to solve the common issues and concerns- which is secure and safe transactions. The “Safe Screen” feature is designed for a built-in cold wallet that fully protects the currency against any attacks and is activated by sliding a screen for payments and allows any amount to be carried around that may need to spent on-the-go.

Sirin Labs isn’t the only company behind blockchain phones. HTC is launching the HTC Exodus, which is also a blockchain smartphone with a cold storage wallet. It’ll allow users to recover lost keys and each phone acts as a node in a huge P2P network that paves that path to true decentralization.

 “Every phone is a node, poviding more nodes on the path to true decentralization – we want to double and triple the number of nodes of Ethereum and Bitcoin.”


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