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Yahoo! Goes All Out with Cryptocurrency Integration

Yahoo! Goes All Out with Cryptocurrency Integration

Yahoo! has recently integrated cryptocurrency into its finance section. This was huge news as it helps cryptocurrency gain huge exposure to the rest of the world. Yahoo! is the world’s sixth largest website according to Alexa and is going all out cryptocurrency integration- complete with real-time crypto news, tickers, and video content.

It has so far integrated Bitcoin and all the major cryptocurrencies worldwide. There’s also a crypto market capitalization table and an easy to access share button that allows the news to be spread to others from its millions of readers. Yahoo! Finance users still have access to the original financial news that covers traditional stock and fiat news alongside crypto reports. Aggregated links to blockchain and crypto news from major outlets like CNBC, FX Empire, and Coindesk are also available.

There are also plenty of tools for investors to see what’s popular and trending, including visual charts, graphs, heatmaps, market sentiment, and even Robinhood integration fo0r tracing, managing, and trading cryptocurrencies.

Yahoo may not be as relevant as before, but it still brings in millions of visitors per month. Oath, the company that owns Yahoo, Tumblr, AOL, and HuffPost, ranks second in the US with 211M visitors on a monthly basis. Google surpassed it in June with 246M based on a report from Statista, which logs this kind of data.

This is good for the world of crypto as a whole. This is actual mainstream adoption before our eyes.

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