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Gifts for expecting wife.

Best Maternity Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife

How do you pamper a pregnant woman?

You shower her with gifts, duh!

But seriously though, these gifts should give you an idea of what to get her that’ll make her smile. I’m sure you’re looking for something that’s special, unique, creative, and personal.

These gifts should get your brain running with some cool gift ideas, so check ’em out.

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Last updated: 9/25/20.

6 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 16 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 2

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1. Mama Bear T-Shirt

She’ll be a mama bear soon, and she can show off the baby bear in her tummy. This t-shirt is for two as your wife can show the world her soon-to-be newborn cub is on the way!

This is aimed more for the wife with a sense of humor who isn’t afraid to strut her stuff. A funny, yet warm present for the pregnant wife made with super soft ringspun cotton to keep the baby’s bump in check!

A maternity t-shirt designed to fit both expecting mother and made for the bump so it has a place to go. It has a variety of sizes for the wife and baby on the way. Maybe you should wear the papa bear one, right?

What makes it a great gift:

  • Funny maternity present
  • Soft cotton
  • Ringspun materials
  • Stretches to fit the “baby bear”

6 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 36 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 4

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2. Funny Maternity Mug

This one’s for her boss that she hates. Give her this mug and the next time she sips on her coffee during the day and her boss complains about her attitude, just have her boss read the mug.

Perfect maternity gift that’s funny, yet practical at the same time. This is a gift for the woman who’s expecting a baby and doesn’t have time to deal with other people’s attitudes.

So it’s not just something that’s totally useless and she’ll toss to the side. Made with quality ceramics in the USA. Double-printed on both sides with fade-proof printing.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Funny and practical
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Let her tell her office workers straight
6 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 56 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 6

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3. Google T-Shirt

Another funny one for the ladies. This shirt lets her show off to the world that you (her husband) knows everything. Although this isn’t exactly related to being preggo or anything, I thought I’d still include it here because it makes a great gift whether she’s expecting or not.

If she’s pregnant, she’ll be letting everyone know that you two are quite the prepared husband and wife. This is a pretty decent gift if you work in IT, with computers, or some other technical thing.

You two are expecting a newborn soon, and you know everything there is to know. A nice gift for the wife who relies on you.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Made in USA
  • Soft fabrics
  • Fit to size
  • Funny and actually useful
6 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 7

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4. Pregnancy Pillow

As she moves closer to her expecting date, a regular bed may not offer her the comfort she needs to get comfy sleep.

A pregnancy pillow is made just for that. If your wife wants to get some good sleep, this pillow design helps support her knees, back, and neck. Third trimester pains are terrible, and she’ll need all the comfort she can get.

This gift is lesser known and many people don’t even a pillow like this exists in the first place. So she’ll definitely know you did your research (which shows that you care). Designed in CA and made just for expecting women.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Helps alleviate back, neck, and knee pain
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Practical and shows that you did some research
  • Machine washable zipper jersey cover

6 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 8

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5. The Sh!t No One Tells You

For the wife who’s down to earth and realistic, this book is perfect. This paperback book will cover what she should expect during her baby’s first year phrased with humor.

The book offers practical advice, but at the same time, does it in a way that’s hilarious. It talks about revelations into a natural process that can be overwhelming for anyone, but at the same time, offers her real life tips that she can use to save herself.

If anything, this book should calm her down during her baby’s first year.

Even if your wife doesn’t read, this book is extremely easy to pick up and highly rated online.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Practical and useful tips
  • Humorous
  • Easy to read
  • Highly rated online

6 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 96 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 10

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6. Stretch Mark & Pregnancy Skin Care Kit

This complete kit will help alleviate and eliminate some of her expected stretch marks during pregnancy.

For the wife who cares about her skin or is into skin care, Palmer’s is a respected brand.

Everything she needs is in this kit with cream, tummy butter, and skin therapy oil. It features high-quality ingredients from with a plant-based, natural approach.

Loaded with healthy nutrients like Vitamin E, olive oil, shea butter, and more to reduce stretch marks.

This is a probably a better gift to give her after the pregnancy, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Natural and plant-based
  • Complete kit to reduce stretch marks
  • Finest ingredients
  • Everything she needs in one place

6 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 11
6 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 126 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 13

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7. Burt’s Bees Relaxation Collection

For the wife who needs some serious relaxation, this collection of high-quality body oils and creams will nourish her skin and soothe her worries!

This kit includes a bunch of different skin-soothing creams, such as leg and foot cream, belly butter, and nourishing body oil.

You just need to be a good husband and apply it to her to complete the deal! Burt’s Bees uses high-quality ingredients and is a well-respected brand. Helps with itching and skin stretch marks. One of the most popular bundles and brands that you can buy.

Packed with vitamin E and another healthy skin-soothing creams, so it’s perfect as a maternity present for her.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Soothing for the skin
  • Complete kit
  • Quality brand
  • Smells good

6 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 146 Cute Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife (Pamper Her!) 15 Check Price on Amazon

8. First Time Mother Necklace

A 925 sterling necklace for the first-time mother. With this, you can help her celebrate her first baby and remind her of the bond she’ll form with her soon-to-be family member.

The necklace is made with 925 sterling silver with a twisted oval and accent bead.

What’s nice about it is that it doesn’t hurt skin and doesn’t make her scratch. During pregnancy, you’ll want to eliminate as many discomforts as possible. She’ll be reminded her of child every day she wears this.

Perfect for the pregnant wife as something for her to cherish. Made by hand and comes with a gift box. Measures 18″. One size fits most.

What makes it a great gift:

  • 18″ necklace fits most
  • Everlasting necklace
  • Sentimental piece
  • Real 925 sterling

How to choose a gift for the pregnant wife

If your wife is pregnant, comfort and anticipating the future are two things you shouldn’t overlook. You want to get her something that’ll either comfort her or get her ready for the future.

This could be physical comfort, knowledge, or even just reassurance that she’ll be okay. You want to keep the process as smooth as possible and make it as stress free as possible.

Don’t get something generic that looks like you just picked it up at the nearby department store on last-minute. You want something that’s catered to her and makes her feel like you actually put in thought. This means not rushing and taking your time to choose something that she’ll actually find useful.

Every girl is different, so you need to really think about what makes your marriage different and special.

Things to consider when deciding:

  • What can you buy her that’ll provider her relief now?
  • What about as she moves through her trimesters?
  • Does she read? Can you prepare her for what’s coming?
  • Or is she sentimental? How about something that reminds her of her first baby?

Think about a gift that she can actually use and will prove to be handy during the entire process. This can be anything from comfort to sentimental presents. Anything that offers benefit to her and makes her comfy or happy will definitely do the trick.

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Fun fact

The shortest pregnancy ever recorded was 21 weeks and 4 days.

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