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Best gifts to apologize to girlfriend after a fight.

Best Gifts to Say “Sorry” to your Girlfriend

So, you just had a rough fight with your GF and now you want to get her something to make her feel better (or apologize).

Fights, arguments, and verbal disagreements are always sticky situations. Sometimes, a gift to show that you still care just may bring her to tears.

Here are some gifts you can get her to apologize right after a nasty fight. Of course, it’s up to you to time it properly- don’t give her the present at the wrong time!

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10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 110 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 2

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1. Capsule Letters

This bottle of 100% capsules contain the medicine of love. Each pill she opens up has a blank piece of paper inside it that you can fill out with messages of whatever.

You can write down 50 things you like about her. Or 50 moments that you shared together. Get creative and personalize it.

Remember that the best gifts take work and some degree of personalization to make it hers. Each day she takes her capsules, she’ll be reminded of you.

This is like taking a gift to the next level.

What makes it a great gift:

  • 50 capsules with personalizable papers
  • 100% unique gift
  • Cute, thoughtful, and different
  • Reminds her of you on a daily basis

10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 310 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 4

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2. Corgi Butt Pillow

Use this to apologize to her for the screwup you made. This cute and fluffy corgi butt is made with high quality, soft, and comfy materials that she’ll cuddle for days.

She can use it on her bed, couch, or wherever else she likes to relax. Make a joke out of it and apologize for being a ‘butt’ and give this to her.

That’ll be the joke she’ll cherish when you make up with her and forget about the fight you just had.

A cute, funny, and decorative choice to make fun of the whole situation. Choose from a variety of corgi butt designs.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Soft materials
  • Something for her to hug
  • Funny
  • She can use it anywhere
10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 510 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 6

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3. Burrito Blanket

A cute, comfortable throw blanket that’ll have her wrapped up as a burrito or tortilla.

Yeah, it’s weird and pretty much a gag gift for the girlfriend.

But if she’s that type of girl with a esen of humor, this thing just may be her new favorite thing to cuddle in bed, on the couch, or whether to keep warm.

Comes in a variety of her favorite foods like burritos, tortillas, pizza, and even different texture patterns.

The material is machine washable made of ultra-soft flannel. It can be used as a sofa blanket, camping blanket, or bed blanket.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Funny gag present
  • Multiple foods to choose from
  • Perfect for the nerdy GF
  • Machine washable
10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 710 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 8

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4. Glass Bead Weighted Blanket

Another blanket for this list, but this one is a weight blanket which is all the new craze for encouraging natural sleep.

Weighted blankets offer a contouring shape that molds to your body while you sleep. They’re marketed to encourage deep, healthy, and resultful sleep.

This weighted blanket is made from breathable cotton, bamboo, or minky duvets with a unique 7-layer system designed for perfect sleep.

They use more glass beads and less fiber fill for precise temperature control and even distribution with 0 bead leakage and fine stitching to prevent weight shifting.

If your GF needs some better sleep, a weighted blanket is the hot new thing. Perfect for new age or health-conscious people.

What makes it a great gift:

  • The hot new “thing” in the world of sleep
  • More glass beads means more even weight distribution
  • Unique gift that she probably never considered
  • Promotes healthy sleep
10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 910 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 10

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5. Matching Pizza T-Shirts

This pair of T-shirts do nothing but show that she was meant for you as the missing piece of your “pie.” If your GF likes pizza or is a foodie, or just like cute stuff, this pair of shirts should do the trick.

Made with comfortable 100% cotton materials and the perfect gift for pizza lovers. Printed in the USA and made with outstanding fabric quality.

This will surely put a smile on her face. And then you can take her out for pizza later that day. That’ll do it.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Perfect for foodies or pizza lovers
  • 100% cotton
  • Funny novelty gift for her
  • Printed in the USA

10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 1110 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 12

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6. Buildable Coffee Cup

For the girlfriend who’s nerdy, she can build her own coffee cup (that actually works).

Depending on her mood, she can remove and add pieces to this creative novelty mug. Each mug comes with random packs of bricks and it works just like LEGOs.

Have her bring it around the office and really get some double takes.

Made with BPA free materials and nontoxic plastic. Holds up to 12 ounces of liquid.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Really works
  • 3 packs of random bricks to build
  • FDA approved food grade materials
  • BPA free
10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 1310 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 14

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7. Novelty Wooden Table Lamp

Here’s an idea:

Buy this DIY table lamp and print out a picture of yourself.

Then take that picture and stick it onto the lamp shade. Then she can mold you into whatever pose she wants. And when she turns on the light, she’ll see your face. Right there. Staring into her soul.

This DIY adjustable table lamp allows you to adjust the pose of the wooden figure to whatever you want. It’s a pretty unique idea that just needs some finishing touches.

That’s where you creativity comes into play.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Adjustable table lamp that can be used as a DIY project
  • Unique gift that she won’t expect
  • Actually useful
  • DIY ready
10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 1510 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 16

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8. Moon Lamp

This moon lamp is a mesmerizing display of 3D printed technology.

The moon lights up with a wireless remote that phases the colors of it to 16 different tones. You can also change the brightness of the LED. The lighting makes all the difference. You can change the LED to flash, strobe, or cycle between colors.

This can be used for a nightlight, party piece, or just as a lamp for her room to keep it bright. The lighting can be adjusted to nearly any color.

This is a cool gift for the girl who’s into space.

Or perhaps you could make up some kind of apology for the fight you just had with her and play this lamp into it. Maybe you can even plaster your face onto it.

What makes it a great gift:

  • 3D printed moon
  • 16 different colors
  • Cool present
  • Strobe, flash, and other effects with a wireless remote

10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 17

9. Shiatsu Foot Massager

Since you won’t rub her feet, this thing will! Unless you’re not like most boyfriends.

This foot massager has everything she needs in one package. It’s a Shiatsu massager with multiple settings that allow her to adjust the pressure, pattern, and heat control with 2 wireless remotes.

Perfect for using in front of the TV, reading, or just relaxing after a long day at work. This massager is like going to the foot massage hall, except it’ll work for free (other than electricity).

What makes it a great gift:

  • Multiple settings
  • Heat feature
  • Relax the feet during reading, TV, or after a day outside
  • Wireless remote so no need to get up to change settings
10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 1810 Best Gifts for Girlfriend After a Fight (To Say Sorry) 19

10. Premium Wine Decanter

After a day at work or a long argument, wine may be the answer.

This crystal decanter will keep your wine aerated and tasting amazing with its hand blown design.

Decanters enhance the purity, aroma, and taste of red or white wine. The wine from the bottle will add oxygen to the wine, which helps it release more flavor.

One decanter fits a 750ML bottle. This decanter allows breathable air to reach the wine by maximizing the diameter on he decanter to allow the best flavor possible.

You simply pour an entire bottle into the decanter for automatic aeration.

The carafe is designed to aerate the wine as much as possible using complex maths. It just makes wine taste a lot better.

Why? Because science.

Perfect for the girlfriend to enjoy over a warm meal.

What makes it a great gift:

  • Enhance flavor and aroma of red and white wine
  • Perfect for merlot, pinot noir, and cabernet
  • Easy pour slanted spout to avoid spills
  • A unique gift that you can both enjoy

How to choose a gift to make up to your Girlfriend after a fight

After a nasty argument, you should be understanding of how she feels. You’ll want to be smooth and steady without making any sudden or rash decisions. The gift you buy her is only a gift. Don’t depend on it to fix everything. The “fix” comes from a lesson learned that you’ll have to do better next time.

However, the right gift at the right time can help solidify your apology.

Things to consider when deciding:

  • Has she been complaining about anything recently that can be fixed with a purchase?
  • Does she say “I wish I had” a lot?
  • Does she get jealous of her friends over anything?
  • What does she shop for online?

Think about all the possible presents you could get her and choose one. If you notice her constantly shopping or eyeing something, this could be the perfect opportunity to consider buying it. If she’s mad and you’re on the way to making it up with her, a thoughtful gift may just do the trick and get you out of the doghouse.

Think of her feelings, mood, and actually listen to what she’s been saying. This is the key to hearing her out.

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70% of couples over 25 argue about money more than anything else.

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